Compressed Non-Asbestos Blue

Available Full Sheet • Cut Piece • Custom

CNA / CAF Asbestos Free Compressed Sheet - By the full sheet.

STYLE #1750 ASBESTOS FREE COMPRESSED SHEET - Aramid fiber with nitrile binder, compressed. AFC Blue has excellent sealing, thermal and mechanical properties and good chemical resistance.

AFC Blue is a universal gasket material suitable for general use with an extremely wide range of applications. Due to its excellent sealing properties, AFC Blue is particularly recommended for all applications in gas distribution installations (also at high temperatures). It can also be used for sealing oils, fuels, freons, solvents, non-aggressive chemicals, and many other media. Using AFC Blue provides a reliable and safe solution in a wide range of applications including pumps, compressors, boilers, and many different flanged joints.

Color: Blue Temp Range: to +500°F | to +260°C Sizes: 60" x 60" sheet Thicknesses: 1/64", 1/32", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8"