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'CB' KITS for Commercial Boilers

15-40 HP 50-100 HP (Old)50-100 HP (New)125-150-200 HP250-300 HP400-800 HP

 Individual Replacement Parts for Commercial Boilers

NOTICE: Our fireside and waterside kits fit Cleaver Brooks® boilers and are comparable replacement gasket kits. They are not manufactured by Cleaver Brooks®. We are not affiliated with Cleaver Brooks® in any way.

Need custom kits? Allstate Gasket is the place to get them! Inquire about custom kitting to save you time and money on the job.

Everything you need comes in one package - easy maintenance with quality parts.

CB 400-800 HP 96" Diameter
Fireside Kit: 880-218
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Part / Description Part No. QTY.
Head Gasket Front & Rear 32-901 3
Burner Drawer Gasket 32-979 1
Burner Support To Front Head 853-3 96"
Support To Housing 32-980 1
Inner Door To Housing 32-993 1
Front Baffle 853-394 98”
Rear Baffle 853-924 96”
Fasteners 841-507 25
Rivets 841-551 50

CB 400-800 HP 96" Diameter
Waterside Kit: 880-212
Die-Cut Elastomer
Part / Description Part No. QTY.
11” X 15” X 1-1/4” E 853-936 1
3-1/4” X 4-1/2” X 9/16” OB 853-935 6
150-14 Water Column Head Gasket 853-268 2

CB 400-800 HP 96" Diameter
Waterside Kit: 880-211
Wire Inserted Rubberized Fiberglass
Part / Description Part No. QTY.
11” X 15” X 1-1/4” E 853-618 1
3-1/4” X 4-1/2” X 1/2” OB 853-152 6
150-14 Water Column Head Gasket 853-268 2

CB 400-800 HP 96" Diameter
Waterside Kit: 880-210
Spiral Wound
Part / Description Part No. QTY.
11” X 15” X 15/16” E 853-192 1
3-9/32” X 4-17/32” X 3/8” OB 853-191 6
150-14 Water Column Head Gasket 853-268 2
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Allstate Gasket provides custom gaskets, packing, gasket material in rolls, sheets and strips. We provide services including stripping, slitting, vulcanize, die cutting and die cut gaskets and more. We supply Deacon Sealants. Our products are used in applications including boiler, manhole and handhole gaskets and
fluid sealing products. We provide specialized gasket making and packing tools including gasket cutter kits, gasket punch sets, dovetail punch, gasket making machines and more.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All information provided on this site is for reference. Always perform your own tests and acquire further information to determine product suitability. While we make effort to provide accurate information, we cannot be held responsible for errors either of omission or typographical. Allstate Gaskets assumes no responsibility for the use or suitability of any product.

Tel: (631) 254-4050 | Fax: (631) 254-4330
Allstate Gasket, Inc | 31 Prospect Place | Deer Park, New York 11729-3713 USA

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